Loyola University bans sale of bottled water on campus

Photo courtesy Wikimedia Commons.

Loyola University is set to rid its campuses of bottled water, after students voted in favor of eliminating the sale of what opponents call a wasteful commodity.

Although the student vote, with 57 percent in favor of a ban, was not binding on the Jesuit university’s administration, the university ultimately supported the students’ collective voice.

The ban will begin this fall.

Loyola has also installed 35 bottle refill stations at the Lake Shore and Water Tower campuses.

“It is exciting to see the leadership and commitment from the students on the topic of water,” said Aaron Durnbaugh, director of sustainability at Loyola. “With our location on the banks of the greatest fresh water resource in the world, our drinking water could be taken for granted, but the students recognize its value and our responsibility to protect and preserve this resource for all.”


  • the artful codger

    “Loyola has also installed 35 bottle refill stations”

    ummm… didn’t we used to call these faucets?