CVS pulls Enfamil powder from Jacksonville shelves following mom’s discovery


Concerns from one mom in Florida about her baby’s powdered formula has prompted CVS Pharmacy to pull the product from its shelves.

The pharmacy giant has removed powdered Enfamil formula from all of its stores after a mom says a container she bought had been tampered with.

Enfamil in powder form was nowhere to be found when Action News Jax entered a local CVS on the Southside.

CVS made the decision to pull the product off its shelves after a Tampa-area mom claimed the batch she bought had been tampered with. That mom said the powder smelled like “baking flour.” 

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Local mom Amanda Winkle said the news startled her.

“I sent the story to my husband and my parents — who also help me take care of my son — because I was like ‘What does this mean?’,” Winkle said.

Winkle’s daughter drank Enfamil powdered formula. Now, her youngest does too.

“It’s scary, because that’s how you feed your child, it’s the main way how he eats right now,” Winkle said.

Winkle said she buys Enfamil powdered formula at Target and has not noticed any problems.

Action News Jax reached out to CVS for comment, a spokesperson said:

Enfamil powder is temporarily unavailable in our stores due to an internal review being conducted by CVS Pharmacy. 

We have not identified any problems at our stores in the Jacksonville area or in any other markets outside of Tampa, FL. We expect to resume the sale of these products shortly. 

In the meantime, our store employees can assist customers with finding an alternative product. We apologize for any inconvenience. 

The maker of Enfamil, Mead Johnson, also sent Action News Jax the following statement:

First and foremost, we want parents to know that we take any potential tampering issue incredibly seriously and we are cooperating with CVS and the authorities to conduct a thorough investigation.  MJN has a long history of quality and we are confident in safety of our products so that parents can continue to put their trust in the Enfamil brand.

While we believe this is an isolated incident, if parents have any questions or concerns we will immediately replace or exchange any product.   We encourage consumers to check the appearance of the package, the label and the product for anything suspicious that could indicate tampering.   If a consumer is uncomfortable using a product they have purchased, they are welcome to call us 1-800-BABY123.  

CVS has made an independent decision at store to put these products on hold related to a tampering incident in a Florida store. We are working with them to return product to shelf as soon as possible. If a consumer is looking for product, all Enfamil branded products remain on shelf for purchase at all other retailers across the country.

 We make all of our packaging both tamper-resistant and tamper-evident and we have a liberal returns policy for our retailers like CVS, designed to ensure that any product returned to a merchant does not make its way back to the shelf or is not otherwise made available for purchase. 


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