Amazon updates Dot and Plus, launches Input and Sub (updates)


Fire TV DVR: The Fire TV Recast box beams shows from an antenna to your Echo Show, Spot, Fire TV, or mobile device. Recast can also send live TV as recordings and can record up to two shows at a time and stream on multiple devices. This all comes with voice controls., two tuners, and a 500GB DVR for $229.99.

The app can help you decide where to put the antenna for the strongest signal.

Preorders start today and the box will ship before the holidays. A four tuner, 1TB DVR version will launch at a later date.

Competitor Roku (ROKU +3.4%) is gaining after the announcement.

Echo Auto: The small Echo Auto dongle plugs into a car’s infotainment system to provide smart assistant and voice control for things like traffic reports, shopping list creation, and playing music. Echo Auto can help power smart home products while leaving the house. The Drop-In feature lets you talk to those on your contact list using voice commands.

The product will launch in the future for $50 but early adopters can get one this year for $25 for testing.


Microwave: The Amazon Basics Microwave will cost $60 and communicate with a nearby Echo for Alexa controls. There’s even a built-in Dash button for ordering popcorn. The microwave will be available later this year.

Smart Plug: The new Smart Plug device brings Alexa’s voice control to whatever gets plugged into the device. The Plug won’t require a smart home hub and will cost $25. Preorders start today with shipments happening next month.

Echo Show: The new Echo Show gets its screen size doubled to 10 inches and the speaker now features real-time Dolby (DLB +0.6%) processing. There’s also an eight-microphone array, Microsoft (MSFT +1.5%) Skype integration, and third-party apps. Price stays at $229 with preorders today and shipping next month.

More security: Alexa Guard is a home security device that integrates with existing Echos. The Guard includes smoke and carbon monoxide detecting and integrates with existing security products like those by ADT (ADT +3.5%) and Amazon’s Ring line, which gets a new $180 Ring Stick Up battery-powered camera for indoor/outdoor use. Update: The wired version of the Stick Up is now available for preorder at

Amazon says Guard is part of a larger forthcoming security offering.

Wall clock: The Echo Wall Clock physical clock that can also display Alexa timers via LED indicator. The Clock can change the time automatically according to Daylight Savings Time. The $29.99 Clock doesn’t have microphones but instead connects to a nearby Echo/Alexa device. Shipping happens later this year.

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Amazon (NASDAQ:AMZN) refreshes its Echo Dot with a nicer cloth covering, an updated driver (from 1.1 to 1.6), and 75% louder audio. The top-selling Dot will keep its $49.99 price tag and its Bluetooth and Audio capabilities to connect to third-party speakers and the new Echo Input.

Echo Plus: he Echo Plus also gets an update with a fabric design, internal temperature sensor, cleaner sound, improved bass, and lock controls that let you control your smart home without WiFi. The Plus costs $149.

Orders for the Dot and Plus start today and shipping happening later this month for the Plus and next month for the Dot.

Input: The new Input is a small, slim device that has Bluetooth, a far field microphone array, and no speaker. The Input is meant to slide in around the house to let you connect to speakers you already own that are elsewhere in the house. Amazon plans to bundle the $34.99 Input with popular speakers like Bose. The Input will become available later this year.

Sub: The Echo Sub is a 100W subwoofer that can add additional bass and handle left and right inputs for stereo sound. You can pair the Sub with two of the same compatible Echo devices for full stereo and control it with the Alexa app or voice. The $129.99 Sub is now in preorder with shipping later this month.

FreeTime: Amazon’s FreeTime service for kids, which recently gained Alexa integration, gets some new features including routines, age-appropriate podcasts, and audiobooks.

Amazon shares are up 1.1% to $1,946.66.

Sonos shares are down 4% to $13.79 after Amazon’s event.

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